AVIZO probiotic drinks

Apples are the third most popular fruit in the world, so we have included their juice in the main composition of our products. It is recommended to include apple juice in the daily diet, due to the potassium and pectin contained in it, as well as a substance such as a diuretic, which helps to cleanse the body of various pollutants.

As the second ingredient, we chose oats, which are considered one of the healthiest cereal crops. Already our grandmothers called oatmeal porridge an energy charge. Oats are low in gluten, an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and contain the most valuable beta-glucan, which is considered the "super hero" of fiber. Beta-glucan is partially soluble in water, forming a thick gel-like mass in our digestive system, thus promoting the growth of good gut bacteria.

We supplemented the drinks with colorful ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals: carotenoid-rich pumpkin and sea buckthorn, as well as blackcurrant berries, which contain natural antioxidants. You ask - why sediment? It is a natural product without stabilizers and pasteurization. Shake the bottle and you will see solid beautiful pastel colors.

How to use AVIZO probiotic drinks?

Use daily! Due to the balanced composition of fruits, berries and probiotic bacteria, they have a pleasant taste, do not have an excessive smell and resemble a children's smoothie. YUMMY-YUMMY...

Enrich kefir by adding 1/3 of AVIZO. This will reduce the acidity of kefir and create a refreshing drink that will be delicious for both children and adults.

Be sure to use after a course of antibiotics. The good bacteria in AVIZO will help restore the balance of intestinal bacteria.