Organic Oats Sourdough

Oats are the "mother of all grains". Fermented or fermented oats are very useful for our body, and it is also an excellent medium for the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms. An acidic environment is very unfavorable for pathogenic bacteria, which is why oat sourdough is primarily acidic. AVIZO yeasts are distinguished by the fact that they are quite thick, after shaking the bottle, yeast residues remain on the walls. The thickness ensures that when you consume sourdough, the good bacteria will be spread not only in the stomach, but also throughout the intestines (all the way to the colon). Using this leaven in this way, the benefits for the body are significantly greater. Due to this property, diluting with water is not recommended!
By using AVIZO, you can balance intestinal activity, restore the balance of good bacteria in the microbiota, and reduce stomach acidity. Our users have already experienced the benefits of this traditional oat leaven many times.
Fermented oats have a peculiar aroma that is not very pleasant. For those who avoid this feature, we will be happy to offer AVIZO probiotic drinks, which also have a high concentration of good bacteria, and the drinks do not have the characteristic smell of yeast.

How to use it?

Use daily! AVIZO probiotic yeast is not a medicine or a food supplement, so the usage guidelines are presented only as a recommendation. Drink alone, often and little by little, in no case dilute with water! Mix it with juice if you want, but it's important to keep the contents thick, otherwise the good bacteria won't reach the colon. When using probiotics, it is important that the beneficial microorganisms are distributed throughout the intestines, because after entering the stomach, some of the good bacteria are killed by stomach acid. If you feel increased acidity, rinse the contents in your mouth, strain through the gaps between your teeth and only then swallow. This will clean the oral cavity of unwanted microbes. Pathogens have little chance of survival, or at least reproduction, when exposed to a medium as acidic as yeast. You will feel the positive effects only if you use probiotic drinks correctly.

Enrich your daily food by adding OAT leaven to your food. Yes, you can mix it with food, because food, in any case, is thicker than water, and after receiving dietary fibers, the good bacteria will start multiplying rapidly, turning your portion of food into food saturated with good bacteria.

If you don't want to mix, take some OATS before meals and the rest after you finish eating. The sourdough will help the contents in the stomach to ferment and liquefy, so you won't feel heaviness after a meal.